Vedic Astrology Chart Analysis


Vedic Astrology chart analysis – receive 5 pages of detailed analysis of the strengths of your chart. Accurate birth time required.

Turnaround time: 2 weeks
Important: Include your birth date, location, and time in your order notes when checking out. Birth time must be ACCURATE to the minute, such as from your birth certificate.

This is a comprehensive Vedic Astrology chart analysis tailored to your unique experience in this life. Accurate birth time is required. Included in every package is a Vedic Astrology primer to help you understand the terms used in my analysis. An easy-to-understand summary of information is included at the beginning of each section of the document. You will receive at least 5 pages (3500 words) of analysis in PDF format in the following areas:

  1. Strength of the Chart and Ascendant Lord
  2. Analysis of the Moon
  3. Additional Planetary and House Analysis
  4. Yogas of the Chart
  5. Dasha and Transit Analysis

1. First I analyze the overall strength of your chart ruler. This tells us a lot about your constitution as a person and how you are able to overcome challenges in your life.

2. Next is the analysis of your moon placement. This assessment tells us about your unique perspective in this incarnation, what you need to feel safe and secure in your environment, and your personality.

3. Then I will look at the remaining planets and their roles in your life. I will assess their strength and overall dynamics that the planets and your houses play in your life.

4. The yogas of a chart tell us about the potential results of different planetary combinations in your life. There are hundreds of possible yogas that concern areas of life such as power, success, wealth, and creativity.

5. Finally I will assess your mahadashas (planetary time periods) and upcoming relevant transits, giving you a heads up on what themes and events will be activated for you in the future.


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