What is Dream Work?

Dreams are the guiding words of the Soul.

Dream work is the practice of recording and interpreting dreams for the purpose of self-development. Dreams have held a profoundly mystical importance among humanity since the dawn of time. Thanks to the work of renowned psychologists Sigmund Freud and especially Carl Jung, we have a modern theoretical framework through which we can regard and examine dreams.

Why Dream Work is Valuable

To understand the value of dream work, it helps to understand some fundamental features of the psyche. According to Carl Jung’s model of the psyche, we know that our waking consciousness is not the sum total of our being. Within every person exists a vast depth of psychic material that is unknowable to the conscious or the ego, this is known as the unconscious. The totality of our psyche, both the conscious and unconscious, is thus known as the Self with a capital “S.” The Self is considered the regulating center of the whole psyche, while the ego is the center of our waking consciousness.

Function of Dreams

How can we become aware of the contents of our unconscious and thus come to know the Self? That is where dream work comes in. Dreams serve a handful of functions:

Working with dreams allows us to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the unconscious forces at work in our psyche. Equipped with this understanding, we can make informed choices that bring us further in alignment with our authentic Selves. This is the value of dream work.

My Offerings

For dream work to be effective, you must be able to recall your dreams with a great deal of detail. You don’t necessarily need to be able to memorize every detail, but you should have a general sense of the emotions you felt during the dream, the thoughts you had, the way you felt about different characters that appeared in your dream, and the basic story of the dream.


When you book a dream consultation with me, I will take notes as you share the details of your dream with me. I will highlight archetypal motifs and ask you questions about your personal connection to the different symbols present in your dream. On occasion, I may use tarot or astrology to support the interpretation process.


Dream Consultation

$ 40
20 Minutes
  • Learn your dream language
  • Understand yourself on a deeper level
  • Receive interpretation tailored to your unique essence
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