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Emotions Aren’t Facts: Are Emotions Valid?

With the proliferation of therapy-speak in the public lexicon, people are more aware than ever of the need to validate the emotions of others. While it is encouraging to see people striving to engage in healthy and supportive dialogue with one another at a collective scale, I can’t help but notice that often enough people seem to misinterpret what is meant by the concept of emotional validation.

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Astrology 101: Nakshatras and Dashas

Welcome back to Astrology 101. For this part of the series I will be going into detail about two astrological systems that are unique to Vedic Astrology: the lunar nakshatras and the mahadashas.

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I’ve moved webhosts!

To my followers: I have migrated my website over to a new webhost. You are still subscribed to my content, but you will no longer

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Thinking About Metaphysics

I’ve spent the last several years in a variety of online metaphysical communities, sometimes as moderator, and more recently some in-person communities as well. One

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