Astrology 101: For Laymen

I wrote this series with the purpose of de-mystifying astrological principles and terms for laymen who are curious about astrology or feel confused whenever they encounter astrology being talked about.

This series is not intended to prepare you to read astrology for other people, so please do not use it for that. This series will help you develop a working knowledge of astrology. Having a working knowledge of something is not a substitute for professional experience and qualification.

You can have a working knowledge of car maintenance, such as knowing the basics of how an engine works and routine maintenance, but you still take your car to the mechanic when it needs major work done. Likewise, to minimize causing harm to yourself or others, please seek out a qualified astrologer for advanced chart analysis or consultation.

Astrology 101, Pt 1: A Brief History

Introducing a new intro to astrology series. If you are clueless about astrology, this series will help you develop a working knowledge of it. Today we begin with a brief overview of the history of astrology.

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Astrology 101: Nakshatras and Dashas

Welcome back to Astrology 101. For this part of the series I will be going into detail about two astrological systems that are unique to Vedic Astrology: the lunar nakshatras and the mahadashas.

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