About Me

My Mission

I believe that humanity cannot progress without addressing the deeply rooted traumas and maladaptive patterns of relating to one another that persist among the collective consciousness. In order to heal we must all be accountable to our inner work. Therefore, my mission is to connect others with the tools and resources that helped me in my own healing journey, while maintaining the utmost ethical integrity.

What I Do

I am an intuitive coach that utilizes tarot, Vedic Astrology, and dream interpretation to guide you towards health, authenticity, and inner peace. I channel intuitive information by establishing an energetic connection between your spiritual team and mine. I then draw upon my own life experience and knowledge to offer tools and actionable guidance to you.

Why Work With Me?

How can you know if I’m the right person to work with? I believe that we are naturally drawn to teachers and healers that walk a similar path to our own, who are “on the same wavelength” so to speak. We know that they have something to offer us when we experience an intuitive resonance with that person – it just feels right. Still, we want to be able to objectively assess their qualifications. This is what I bring to the table:

Professional Qualifications

Before I started the Moon Lodge, I achieved a 10-year career in Human Services as a caregiver and employment consultant for developmentally disabled adults. I hold a B.A. in Human Services, establishing my competency in person-centered interventions, case management, and advocacy. I am experienced in political advocacy, having served as an executive member of my local political organization during 2016 and participated in multiple years of organized lobbying in the interest of advancing the needs of the disability community in Washington State. I am a powerful advocate for my clients because I am wholly committed to person-centered philosophy, which honors the sovereign authenticity of all individuals to identify solutions and be accountable to their own healing process.

Background Knowledge

In addition to my experience as a Human Services professional, I have nurtured a profound intellectual curiosity through extensive research and consumption of educational material relating to psychology, philosophy, and spirituality. My approach is influenced by Carl Jung, Robert A Johnson, Joseph Campbell, Ram Dass, Besser Van der Kolk, John Bowlby’s attachment theory, and the philosophies of Daoism, Hinduism, existentialism, and sacred feminity. My appetite for critical thinking means that my methods are grounded in established bodies of thought and knowledge, while reinforced by my personal experience of healing results. You can trust that I’ve given serious consideration to the mechanisms and effectiveness of the tools and modalities I implement in my practice.

Personal Experience

In my own life I have healed my own interpersonal trauma that resulted from being raised in a household where substance abuse and untreated mental illness was present. I have grappled with and overcome severe anxiety, emotional dysregulation, overthinking, chronic pain, hormonal imbalances, disordered eating patterns, and existential crises. With a deeply analytical and perceptive mind, I have accomplished extensive investigative work into my own psyche and behavioral patterns. I sought therapy for about four years to learn new coping strategies and facilitate deep healing on a subconscious level through the use of hypnotherapy and EMDR. I intimately understand what it is like to suffer from feeling out of control, lost, and afraid. I can also confidently affirm that it’s possible to heal.

If you are interested in learning more about my personal experiences, I have shared some of them in the following posts:

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