Vedic Astrology June 2023 Lunar Cycle

Welcome back to my lunar cycle forecast. This video was very long and featured a new setup with screen recording. You can watch the video below to see what’s going on for June 2023. I’ve included my notes as well!

June 17-July 16 Lunar Cycle
Active transits during this lunar cycle:

Sun transiting Gemini June 15 to July 16
Mercury moving from Taurus into Gemini June 24
Venus transiting Cancer
Mars moving from Cancer to Leo June 30
Jupiter and Rahu in Aries
Ketu in Libra
Saturn rx in Aquarius from June 17 to November 4

Mars aspects Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius from Cancer
Mars aspects Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces from Leo
Jupiter aspects Leo, Libra, Sagittarius
Saturn aspects Aries, Leo, Scorpio

Sun entered Gemini June 15. 
  • Gemini is an air sign that is concerned with the exchange of information and ideas. 
  • Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is associated with speech, commerce, communication, and so on. 
  • When the Sun is in Gemini, the intellect is emphasized but in a kind of fun and playful way – like Mercury. Sun becomes very concerned with learning new things and taking in new information. 
  • Sun can also be very sociable during this time. 
  • Sun will not be suffering afflictions so it is a good time.
Mercury moving from Taurus to Gemini
  • While in Taurus Mercury becomes grounded and more stable – previously was highly agitated and unpredictable in Aries. We see this in economic volatility and people feeling reactive mentally and in their speech.
  • Taurus is fixed earth, ruled by Venus, concerned with comforts and having one’s material needs and desires satisfied and provided for. Mercury feels much more secure here
  • Once Mercury moves into Gemini, he occupies his own sign. The mind becomes very focused on learning and communicating with others, seeking out new information.
Venus transiting Cancer alongside Mars.
  • Venus does alright in Cancer. Venus wants everyone in the home to get along and feel good and loving towards one another.
  • Desire to connect with family and loved ones increases – moreso in the sense of wanting to feel cozy and secure
Mars debilitated in Cancer, struggling to feel powerful and motivated. Moves into Leo on full moon
  • Family disputes/karma being kicked up. 
  • Presence of Venus wants to heal family relationships; make peace not war.
  • Saturn’s aspect to Aries and Scorpio is not helping the frustrated feelings of Mars. Saturn is putting pressure on Mars’ domains, slowing down these areas of the sky or placing obstacles
  • Mars will be experiencing gandanta at the full moon, entering Leo for the second half of the lunar cycle
  • Mars in Leo is very strong and very proud and commanding – the general takes the king’s throne and begins wanting to call the shots
  • Mars represents our ambitions and desires, so in Leo it’s kind of like our desires take the wheel
  • His aspect to Saturn during this lunar cycle is interesting. While in cancer, there is a lot of frustration about slowing down and wanting to feel like things are progressing. Once he moves into Leo he feels powerful again and starts to in a way light a fire under Saturn’s butt. Can look like trying to force things to move along, or feeling energized and enthusiastic about focusing on one’s goals.
Jupiter is with Rahu in Aries still. 
  • Jupiter in Aries is very driven to learn and gain knowledge, as well as take initiative in making his ideals a reality. 
  • Rahu can give the gift of politiking, so this also creates an ability to persuade and convince others of your ideas. Aries is a sign of conquest and so this combination can create a kind of endeavor of intellectual conquest. 
  • Great if you have ideas or teachings you want to spread
  • Caution if Jupiter has a malefic relationship to your ascendant or moon sign (air or earth), as this could take the form of someone in your life trying to advance their agenda at your expense
Saturn begins retrograde on the new moon, until November. 
  • Retrograde planets are more powerful – this is when they are literally at their brightest in the sky during the night. If Saturn is a malefic in your chart, then you can see progress be slowed or obstacles come up. If he has a benefic relationship to your ascendant, then you see your hard work being paid off or recognized. 
  • Regardless, everyone feels more pressure – whether that is because they are increasing their efforts in their work, or whether because they are encountering delays and challenges. 
  • The advice is always to be patient and try to receive the lesson that comes along with being delayed. When there is a delay, that means you are being gifted with more time. How will you spend your time? You can spend it being frustrated or you can increase your efforts and hone your skills. 
  • Again Saturn is in Aquarius right now, his moolatrikona, so he is very concerned with humanitarian ideals and philosophies. How can you ensure that your actions reflect your ideals? You have to put in the work to embody your values, it’s not enough to just agree with them.

New Moon June 17 9:37PM
Nakshatra: Mrigashira – Daksha/Brahma or Soma
Zodiac: Gemini

Mrigashira is ruled by the deity Soma, which is another name for Moon. Soma is the fountain of youth, the nectar of the gods. It can also in a way be related to psychedelics. The symbol is a deer’s head, which harkens to the seeking/grazing nature of deer. Always searching for food/nourishment. The lesson of Mrigashira is that the experience of Soma – eternal delight and fulfillment – isn’t found out in the material world. It comes from within.

With that being said, this new moon is occurring in the Gemini portion of Mrigashira, which is ruled by Mercury. Gemini is concerned with the exchange of information – so like, talking and communicating, but also media and books and videos and whatnot. 

  • When we think about the meaning of Mrigashira in this context, the proliferation of scrolling newsfeeds and internet content comes to mind. 
  • People are often using technology to try and fill a void they feel – an unmet need usually for engagement of some kind whether with another person or a challenging activity such as learning a new skill or following your passions.

Mercury, moon’s dispositor, 12th from Moon – hidden communication, wanting to retreat and be comfortable, seeking sanctuary – information overload, overculture, etc. 

  • Can also bring about financial loss in some way or feeling like there is not enough. 
  • Can also just plain feel a bit isolated.

Relative to the Moon, Venus and Mars are in the 2nd house. This again puts emphasis on habits or beliefs that were learned during early childhood from the family dynamic and household. The 2nd house is of course also concerned with resources, and when it comes to Cancer that means feeling like you were loved and nourished enough as a child and if you didn’t get what you needed, how did that impact your relationship to money and food? Was there a lot of competition and scarcity? How does that impact your health and state of mind? Do you feel safe in the world?

In terms of this moon transit, Jupiter is occupying the 11th house from the moon and thus from chandra lagna is ruler of the 7th and 10th – so this transit is dealing quite a lot with business relationships and career advancements in a general sense

  • Jupiter is actually pretty powerful during the new moon, as he will be occupying the amsa of his exaltation within Aries. This helps bring out his best qualities in Aries and overcome the negative influence of Rahu. 

Saturn is 9th from the moon during this transit. This puts emphasis on education and teaching relative to this new moon.

Jupiter and Saturn are both aspecting Leo, which is ruled by the Sun and is 3rd from the moon during this transit. This wraps back around to issues around self-expression, artistry/creativity, or sibling matters.  

Full Moon July 3 4:38AM
Nakshatra: Purva Ashadha – Apas, goddess of water
Zodiac: Sagittarius

Purva Ashadha is ruled by the goddess of water, Apas. It is the first of the pair of Ashadha nakshatras. The word ashadha translates to “victory” or “invincible” while purva means “before” or “prior” – so together purva ashadha means “before victory.” 

In this way, purva ashadha is about that moment just before your success is assured. It’s like a moment in time where you have reached a point where you are on your way to victory, you are invincible, but the action of victory hasn’t occurred yet. 

Its symbol is the elephant tusk, which is associated with Ganesha – the remover of obstacles. Elephants are revered in India for their ability to charge through anything – they are incredibly powerful.

Purva ashadha is a very feminine nakshatra – associated with a goddess and the planet Venus. This is the phase of a plan of execution where feminine power is utilized to organize people around a single cause, amassing resources through connecting with others. When you have the people on your side, you become more powerful.

Connecting back to the previous new moon – a lot of the emphasis was on discovering new information, maybe even withdrawing and finding answers on how to nurture oneself. I consider it a re-assessment of strategy and discovering what will really sustain oneself and how we relate or think about our resources. Now things are shifting and moving forward.

  • Mars is no longer debilitated
  • Mercury is now in Gemini

Now that mars has entered Leo, the desire to execute ambitions has returned. The environment of Cancer was not conducive to the aims of Mars, but now he has access to incredible power – the king’s throne in Leo. Mars is calling the shots now. Sometimes this can get a little out of hand – like power going all to one’s head, but Saturn’s aspect helps keep that in check. Mars is going to have to be serious and accountable – which will be a bit frustrating, but also has the potential to make Mars very focused and dedicated to his cause.

Relative to the moon, Mars occupies the 9th part of the sky. During the new moon this was Saturn’s part of the sky, now it is Mars. So we see the idea of higher education, teaching, and learning still being emphasized during the full moon. There is a desire to learn or to teach in some regard. 

This is complemented by Mercury’s transit into Gemini, where our minds are primed to learn new information and want to consume and talk about information. Mercury and Sun in Gemini forms a yoga that grants intellect. In fact, relative to the moon, Mercury’s position forms a maha purush yoga that empowers mercury and emphasizes his intellectual gifts and knack for commerce.

This time around the moon is in Sagittarius, which makes the dispositor Jupiter. We talked about Jupiter being in Aries, which means he is aspecting the moon from his position. This is a very positive aspect onto the moon. The moon becomes uplifted, jovial, enthusiastic about philosophy and knowledge – this is great in purva ashadha. Moon wasn’t feeling bad necessarily during the new moon, but this full moon is particularly optimistic and charged and ready to take action on some new ideas and new direction. This will carry on for the next 2 weeks.

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