Tarot Spread for Teaching/Therapeutic Relationships

Greetings! I got an idea for a tarot spread to share with you all and I hope you find it useful. This spread is for evaluating a teacher-student type of relationship, which can also be generalized to therapists, coaches, mentors, or guides!

This came to me because I noticed I am coming up on a wall with one of my therapists. My therapist has been highly valuable to me and supported my growth in ways that I didn’t even conceive would happen when I started seeing her. Sometimes though, I hit a point where it feels like everything is redundant or not particularly productive – especially when I am fairly stable and there aren’t any crises afoot. I am currently in such a phase. This has happened before and it can be challenging to identify what is needed for a breakthrough, so I thought of using tarot to try and evaluate the situation. This is the spread that came to me:

This was a very helpful way for me to frame my situation with my therapist in a way that could provide insights into our dynamic. This could also be used to pre-emptively evaluate whether a potential teacher/therapist is a good match for you or can give you what you are looking for in such a working relationship. I made sure to frame #4 around what the querent can give to the work occurring between them and their teacher/therapist, rather than what they can give to the other person. This is because ideally these relationships are not about what the teacher receives – though they do receive something – it is not the student’s responsibility. The student’s responsibility is to the work that is being undertaken: healing, learning new skills, exploring new environments, challenging oneself. Through fidelity to the work the student is fulfilling their obligation to the spirit of the working relationship – in my view, at least.

I hope this spread can help others gain clarity the way it is helping me. Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts or experiences related to this spread!

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