June 24 Full Moon Reading 🌝

Hello, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done any public card readings! If you are new here – welcome and thank you for stopping by the moon hive. I am the bleeping bee and the is a place where I like to post moon cycle tarot and oracle readings, as well as other content that I find supportive to inner work and spiritual development. Please consider signing up for email alerts if you like what you see!

Today I am excited to use my new ring light setup I just received today. Having the right light to photograph the cards I draw was actually somewhat of a hindrance in the past – I often felt a pressure to do readings by a certain time when the natural light for photography was best. Now I can do it whenever I feel like it and still achieve aesthetically pleasing results! Let’s get to it.

Decks used: Golden Art Nouveau Tarot, Moonology, and The Sacred Self-Care Oracle

Before I dive right in, I’d like to explain that these readings are for fun and aren’t specific to anyone in general. That means if you don’t find that it resonates with you, then it doesn’t! If you get something of value from this reading then that’s wonderful. Whatever your experience is, I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Let’s get to it.

Card 1 – What needs to be forgiven? 8 of cups.

Card 2 – What is the full moon illuminating? 7 of cups.

Card 3 – What comes next? 9 of wands.

What I got from this reading is that issues of abandonment are coming up for a lot of people. Perhaps you were abandoned by someone, like a family member or someone you looked up to. Maybe you are considering abandoning something you’ve put a lot of work into or that took up a large part of your life and even produced a lot of good outcomes for you. This full moon is revealing to you that you have a lot of choices for how to proceed. Another phrase coming up: forgiveness is a choice. I’m feeling very drawn to the cloaked figure radiating from one of the cups in the 7 of cups – the choice that feels right to you might not make a lot of sense or the details for how to make it happen might not be clear yet. Go with your gut feeling – what feels empowering to you. Empowering doesn’t necessarily mean free of fear or that it’s going to be easy – look at the figure in the 9 of wands. What you’re moving towards may have been on your mind or been developing for a long time now. You might feel confusion or self-doubt, but your position is secure. You can handle whatever challenges might come up during this waning phase!

I drew the following supporting cards – you are good enough and alone time.

Whoever abandoned you, their actions don’t reflect on your worth. Your choices do not have to be perfect either. If you are choosing to learn a new skill, accept that you are not going to be exceptional at it right away and love yourself for taking up a new challenge. You will feel connected to your inner strength through overcoming this challenge. Make some time to be alone with yourself, with no expectations, just listening to your body and what desires and drives surface when there aren’t any people or responsibilities around to distract you. Consider how alone time makes you feel – get curious. Are there any emotions or memories that come up? Consider journaling about your experience.

Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed this reading! I greatly appreciate feedback and would love to hear your thoughts. Happy full moon!

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