August 3rd Full Moon Insights

Greetings honey hunters. I’ve decided to start sharing with you all an exercise I’ve been doing – lunar tarot readings! These are spreads that I use every full moon and new moon as my own lunar ritual. I am using Yasmin Boland’s Moonology oracle deck combined with Giulia Massaglia’s Golden Art Nouveau tarot deck! The spreads I use come from the Moonology booklet. My goal is to share my readings in a way that is instructive to how I interpret cards so that others may find some guidance in how to do this for themselves!

Before I dive into the readings, I just wanted to mention that the moon was gorgeous last night! I went to the park to watch the moon rise over the mountains before my reading and it was so worth it. When the moon rose, the sky was a soft cornflower blue and the moon was a vibrant tangerine – and HUGE! I felt so amazed and lucky to live just a block away from a park that gives such gorgeous views of the mountains. Here is a beautiful photo of last night’s moon by Josh Jones of Everett, WA:

The Reading Ritual

My lunar readings follow the same format every time. They are two sets of spreads tailored to either the new moon or the full moon. The first spread is always a 3-card spread, which I prefer to use the Moonology deck for. The second spread is a 4-card spread, which I prefer to use a traditional tarot deck for.

The 3-card spread is focused on the immediate situation – the night of the new or full moon, and what’s going on right now. It tells us about the moon. The 4-card spread deals with the specific lunar phase for the next 2 weeks. A full moon is the start of a waning moon phase, and a new moon is the start of a waxing moon phase. I use this spread to get a general idea of how to approach the next 2 weeks. I like that it’s a specific range of time that isn’t too long or too short.

Before I start reading, I meditate to clear my mind and develop a connection to my intuition. You can do whatever feels comfortable for you – but I especially love going outside when the moon is out to do this. I have a space at my dining table where I always draw my cards. I sometimes light candles or sage my space before reading. Once I am settled in and able to focus on the reading, I begin shuffling my cards.

Everyone shuffles differently, but this is what I do: I first hold the deck in my hand and then cut it, allowing the cards to slide over each other from one hand to the other, similar to the overhand method. After that, I then perform a Mongean shuffle. I repeat both of these methods for every question/position in the spread and focus on the question while I am shuffling. When I finish, I cut the deck one last time into three piles. From there, I proceed with drawing the cards – but I don’t draw from the top of the deck. I close my eyes and focus on my question, and then I intuit where I should cut the deck and then draw the card that is there (sometimes I feel that I should draw the top of the deck, too).

On to the spreads!

The full moon spread is as follows:

  1. What needs to be released? Disseminating Moon: Take time to breathe out
  2. What is the full moon illuminating? New Moon in Sagittarius: Luck is on your side
  3. What comes next? Void-of-Course Moon: Nothing will come of this situation

You may be feeling tense right now – something has been consuming your attention that causes you to worry and forget to breathe. We often hold our breath when we are in a state of high stress and adrenaline and feel compelled toward action, but know that the situation has peaked. The full moon in sidereal Capricorn brings a kind of foreboding pressure with it – but the moon travels quickly, and the feeling will pass soon enough. Release your breath, as the disseminating moon suggests, and be at ease. The new moon in Sagittarius is here to show us a new path or vision. Jupiter, the Guru, is currently retrograding into sidereal Sagittarius – his own sign. This transit brings fortune and rejuvenated enthusiasm to those experiencing it. The void-of-course moon adds that it could be a good time to abandon old plans and try something you had not considered before. Or, it could mean that the worst case scenario you have been agonizing over is all in your head and will not come to pass. It’s okay to take a detour off the beaten path.

The waning phase spread is as follows:

  1. What needs to be released or surrendered? 10 of Pentacles
  2. Available help. 8 of Pentacles.
  3. How to surrender or find acceptance? Knight of Cups
  4. The final outcome. The Empress.

The 10 of Pentacles depicts a scene with an old man gazing on towards a young couple. The card traditionally represents achieving wealth and prosperity – the kind that leaves a legacy for the next generations. The 8 of Pentacles depicts a man working diligently to craft 8 pentacles – he may be an apprentice, he is devoted to improving his craft. Then we have the Knight of Cups, a gentle idealist who offers out a cup. Finally, The Empress is a major arcana that represents sensuous femininity and motherhood.

Taking the entire spread into account, we see the old man, the apprentice, and the knight looking towards the right – perhaps to the future? Or perhaps the old man and the knight look towards the apprentice, who is focused and absorbed in his craft? Who is the knight holding the cup for? Is it leading him?

The 10 of Pentacles is in the position of what needs to be released or surrendered, paired with the 8 of Pentacles I wonder – is it time to pass on the mantle? Is there someone in your life that could learn from your experiences, that you could mentor? Or maybe you are the budding apprentice here, who has outgrown their mentor. Perhaps you are ready for the next level. The Knight of Cups calls on you to follow your heart. Knights can also bring about a change. Harkening back to the full moon spread, it could be that the path you have been on has run its course, and you have achieved all that you can. While you reflect on your next steps, take pleasure in the comforts around you. Right now is a fertile time for new ventures, give yourself permission to treat yourself as new desires and ideas gestate during this period.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it. If you enjoy this kind of content please comment below or follow me in the upper right corner! If you have any questions about my readings or how to use tarot and oracle cards, I would love to answer them. Have a wonderful time and I will drop in again at the new moon!

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